I awoke at 5:55am which is an extraordinarily strange hour for a Spaniard to awake, I imagine. The average Spaniard is asleep, I presume, after only gone to bed four hours prior. Let’s do the math. Let’s presume that it is not unusual for a Spaniard to have dinner at 9 or 10pm (which is true). And let’s assume it takes said Spaniard an hour to enjoy a meal in the company of guests be they family or friends. Next, if the Spaniard is well groomed on average, he or she may take twenty minutes to forty minutes preparing for bed — brushing teeth, bathing, reading a chapter in his favorite book, or whatever. And if it takes the Spaniard between ten to twenty minutes to fall asleep, the actual amount of rest one will get is about six hours (if the Spaniard wakes at 6am as I did today).  That’s still two hours shy of the suggested recommended daily average for any human — eight. With that said, the streets were clear and I had little difficulty making my way to the train station to catch the 6:45am train to Cordoba, which I had only minutes earlier decided I was going to catch! I rode a taxi to the station, waited to board a bus (the trains weren’t running) and after an hour and a half arrived at Antequera Santa Ana before boarding a train to Cordoba. The bus and train rides were sold on the same ticket (about $70rt). The reason for making this journey is twofold, 1) to do something with my day because I hadn’t planned anything, and 2) to see Cordoba Mezquita — the magnificent Islamic Mosque built by the Moors. The tour I signed up for begins in a couple of hours so with time to kill I toured the local eateries. Most of them aren’t open at this hour, but one coffee shop is — Maddow. It’s tag line is Fucking Delicious — La Vida es Rica. 


3 + 4 + 3 = 10


Brunch Is Served