Europe, 2022

My travels through Europe this year began with a flight from LAX to CPH. After an eleven hour flight, I arrived at the noticeably quiet Copenhagen airport where I stood in line to be approved for entry by a customs agent. The most surprising aspect about arriving in Denmark was having my passport stamped and being approved to travel within Europe thereafter. That is, after Denmark, I did not go through customs in Sweden, England, or Poland. In total I visited five countries on this trip — Ireland, England, Denmark, Sweden, and Poland. After having my passport stamped in Denmark, I didn’t need it stamped again but until I entered Ireland. I thought that was cool.

I noticed the majority of the citizenry in each country did not wear a mask. I followed suit and I did not wear a mask either. What I also found surprising was that the United States requires travelers including American citizens take Covid tests before returning home.

I produced several videos regarding my travels to Europe. The first video I made regarding my European trip is entitled ‘I called my grandmother from Sweden’:

I also made a Vlog about my first day in Sweden:

My Day Four Sweden Vlog will be available after May 26. To view that vlog, check my YouTube page after that date.

There are more videos regarding my European tour at my YouTube page. Check out my page!