Comfort Trumps Fashion (Thanks, Mom.)


A boy to his mother: “Thanks, mom.”

I stood in the Foot Locker of the Westside Pavilion staring at a wall of shoes of which I wanted to buy a pair. With their designs and colors I was momentarily transfixed. It was only when a young boy uttered something that I was roused out of that state and thrust into a trip down memory lane. His words reminded me of my high school years when I could not buy a pair of expensive shoes for myself. I too uttered: “thanks, mom” on a number of occasions when my mother came through for me. She saved me from embarrassment, ridicule, and shame of not having a nice pair of shoes. Her son was not going to suffer and go without. Like that boy’s mother, my mother took care of me and made me whole when I otherwise would not have been. Thank you, mom!

While standing there I knew that I could afford the sneakers, but I was wrestling with the idea of spending money on a pair of shoes and the thought of what I was doing in that store in the first place. Four months ago I bought a pair of Kobe Bryant sneakers that are by far one of the worst shoe acquisitions I have ever made. Usually, I seek comfort when buying a shoe. Those Kobe’s spoke to me, however. I wanted a pair of shoes flashier than those I had been sporting. The Kobe’s with their bright colors and deceptively uncomfortable designs caught my eye. I made the decision to buy the shoes. I put them on, and walked out the store after paying for them, of course.

It wasn’t until months after buying them that I realized sometime in Beijing that those darn shoes hurt my feet. Beijing will hurt your feet regardless what with all the walking one must do in that city. Bikes are the preferable means of transportation in China if you don’t have a car. With my Kobe’s I walked throughout Beijing and along the Great Wall of China. Yet it was after I took those suckers off that I revealed the damage — blisters forming on my big  toes. Yikes! I have never in my life had blisters so that was a shock.

My preference is for NIKE FREE or any comfortable running shoe made by NIKE especially because they allow feet to breath as it were. Basketball shoes won’t do it. Those Kobe’s may be attractive, but they certainly are not to my liking. I must remember to resist buying anything especially shoes on impulse.

Again, as I was standing in that Foot Locker store I was reminded of how lucky I was to have my mother support me the way that boy’s mother supported him. Yes, I know that’s what parents are supposed to do. I guess this is about where I am in my life these days. I no longer rely upon my parents for their support, financially. Though it would be nice to do so. And I guess this post is about impulse buying. When we go shopping, it’s easy to hand over our money for things we don’t need or that are not right for us. I know it’s difficult to know what is good for us before we buy something. It’s just sweet when you find a pair of shoes that feels right.

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