City of Angels

In one of my previous blog entries I wrote: “And there isn’t really a strong fear of being shot …. near the ‘Jungles’ anymore.” Oh what a long way from the truth that statement was. I made that statement after making a cursory inspection of my neighborhood after returning to Los Angeles from Seoul about one month ago. How woefully wrong I was! In an unflattering and tremendously sad news update I learned that soon after I returned to what I thought was a more peaceful city of Angels two young men lost their lives in the ‘Jungles.’ It’s this kind of violence that marred the decades I grew up in. This kind of violence also makes every person a lot more aware of their surroundings. It’s this kind of violence that I thought was long absent what with the changing political climate, i.e., Barack Obama — our country’s first black president, and the change in demographic composition resulting from recent gentrification trends, i.e., more Whites, more Hispanics, more openly gay couples, and more others. Period. It’s this kind of violence that I thought was only a distant memory of years gone by. That is not the case. Apparently.  This veteran of Los Angeles, the City of Angels, knows to be cautious. After all, Los Angeles has also been called Los Scandalous. There are sad reminders to be thankful for every minute of every day. When we walk past candles set on the pavement we are reminded how fragile life is.


Under a light pole near La Tijera sits several candles where life was lost. Reminders like these pepper the city. They serve as reminders of the fragility of life.


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