Chincha Sour


Yojjana, a cute 21 year old caramel complected Chincha native, made my Chincha Sour behind the bar. It was delicious and sour as it should be. Perfecto! I drank with my driver, whose name I did not write down so I have since forgotten. He had fresh squeezed orange juice so as not to betray his duty of being a responsible driver. There was a little orange juice left over and I asked Yojjana to serve it to me and she obliged. It was nice to have a drink as a free man in what was once the parlor of a cruel slave master. Today, each employee shares the load of managing the going concern and earns something to serve their needs. Nobody is forced with threat of physical harm to work at the  Casa Hacienda San Jose against their will. That’s progress. 



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