To my day care teacher, Rose, wherever you are … Dear Rose, It has been such a long time since you took care of me. I have not forgotten your name or the impression you left with me however. If nothing else I remember your name and that someone at the day care was kind… Read More


Hollywood Sign

I wanted to add a notch to my achievement belt. Hiking to the seemingly elusive Hollywood sign would do the trick. From the front porch of my mom and dad’s home I could see the sign. It teased me. I had flown across the Pacific Ocean, but I hadn’t ventured very far in my hometown…. Read More

Numbers Spook Me

I have this thing I do. I have noticed it ever since my birthday last year. Perhaps it occurred in the past but it was less noticeable. These days I see it happening often. I check my watch at 10:09. I see the price of goods marked 10.99. I bought a meal and my total… Read More

To The Rescue

After thought: As I write this I am dreaming of making promotional videos to improve the public relations this restaurant has destroyed recently. Cut to me eating sushi and saying “oishi” which means delicious in Japanese. Or I might even do the video all in Korean saying “if you want to have a pleasant experience… Read More

Culver City

I miss living and working here. Although I did not have the time to enjoy this place the way I am today when I lived here a decade ago. If I return to America  for good this is one place I would strongly consider living. So I hit the street in search of a job… Read More

My Mom Remembers Her Sister, My Aunt

I have been watching many videos of my sister, Flo Jo, on Facebook tonight. Watching them makes me feel her presence. I recall the good times with her. When she was alive, I could not watch her run on t.v. I was instead of watching her, running through the house screaming. I was asking what… Read More

Over Central America

I did not expect this, but I welcome it nevertheless. I am talking about my adventure in South America. For the next two weeks I will participate in a Teacher Training program sponsored by Pearson-Longman publishing that will take place in Peru. My journey to Peru was exhausting, but my destination is satisfying. I look… Read More

In Flight

I returned to Korea after spending three weeks with my family during my vacation. I did so in the hope of teaching at a summer camp. I did not see the contract before I flew back to Korea and upon first inspection it was not one that I wanted to sign. Now I am on… Read More

Comfort Trumps Fashion (Thanks, Mom.)

A boy to his mother: “Thanks, mom.” I stood in the Foot Locker of the Westside Pavilion staring at a wall of shoes of which I wanted to buy a pair. With their designs and colors I was momentarily transfixed. It was only when a young boy uttered something that I was roused out of… Read More

Mother Dear

For breakfast we made our way to M’Dear’s (Mother Dear’s). This quaint diner nestled in the heart of the city’s deserving, but underserved community of South Los Angeles offers patrons a break from the faux fix of Southern cuisine McDonald’s serves daily. Uniquely, instead of conventional buttermilk pancakes and waffles, M’Dear also serves up their… Read More


While back in America I went to Landmark Theaters in Westwood. I watched this urban adventure film that has been getting some buzz recently. I had no idea what I was in for, but the title alone caught my attention since ‘dope’ is one slang term I use regularly even though it probably dates me…. Read More