City of Angels

In one of my previous blog entries I wrote: “And there isn’t really a strong fear of being shot …. near the ‘Jungles’ anymore.” Oh what a long way from the truth that statement was. I made that statement after making a cursory inspection of my neighborhood after returning to Los Angeles from Seoul about one month… Read More

Home Ec 101

Over a week ago my sister and her family visited me. We spent some time together in Korea and then Japan. I had decided before their arrival to end my adventure in Korea and return home with them. And now we are all in Los Angeles. I have been adjusting to my temporary living arrangements, i.e., back… Read More


To my day care teacher, Rose, wherever you are … Dear Rose, It has been such a long time since you took care of me. I have not forgotten your name or the impression you left with me however. If nothing else I remember your name and that someone at the day care was kind… Read More

Hollywood Sign

I wanted to add a notch to my achievement belt. Hiking to the seemingly elusive Hollywood sign would do the trick. From the front porch of my mom and dad’s home I could see the sign. It teased me. I had flown across the Pacific Ocean, but I hadn’t ventured very far in my hometown…. Read More

Numbers Spook Me

I have this thing I do. I have noticed it ever since my birthday last year. Perhaps it occurred in the past but it was less noticeable. These days I see it happening often. I check my watch at 10:09. I see the price of goods marked 10.99. I bought a meal and my total… Read More

To The Rescue

After thought: As I write this I am dreaming of making promotional videos to improve the public relations this restaurant has destroyed recently. Cut to me eating sushi and saying “oishi” which means delicious in Japanese. Or I might even do the video all in Korean saying “if you want to have a pleasant experience… Read More

Culver City

I miss living and working here. Although I did not have the time to enjoy this place the way I am today when I lived here a decade ago. If I return to America  for good this is one place I would strongly consider living. So I hit the street in search of a job… Read More

My Mom Remembers Her Sister, My Aunt

I have been watching many videos of my sister, Flo Jo, on Facebook tonight. Watching them makes me feel her presence. I recall the good times with her. When she was alive, I could not watch her run on t.v. I was instead of watching her, running through the house screaming. I was asking what… Read More

Over Central America

I did not expect this, but I welcome it nevertheless. I am talking about my adventure in South America. For the next two weeks I will participate in a Teacher Training program sponsored by Pearson-Longman publishing that will take place in Peru. My journey to Peru was exhausting, but my destination is satisfying. I look… Read More

In Flight

I returned to Korea after spending three weeks with my family during my vacation. I did so in the hope of teaching at a summer camp. I did not see the contract before I flew back to Korea and upon first inspection it was not one that I wanted to sign. Now I am on… Read More

Comfort Trumps Fashion (Thanks, Mom.)

A boy to his mother: “Thanks, mom.” I stood in the Foot Locker of the Westside Pavilion staring at a wall of shoes of which I wanted to buy a pair. With their designs and colors I was momentarily transfixed. It was only when a young boy uttered something that I was roused out of… Read More