AFTER RECEIVING EXPRESS PERMISSION FROM THE AUTHOR I PUBLISHED THIS ARTICLE BY ADJEI GYAMFI AFROCENTRICITY An important feature of Pan – Africanism This essay seeks to explain why the concept of Afro-centricity has been an important feature of the Pan-African tradition. This post’s featured image is provided by Brandon Jones (Instagram: letsgobjones)   Introduction Following the… Read More


Dinner with Maasai Warriors

I flew Ethiopian Air to Tanzania. Chaz, my driver, met me at the airport and drove me to city centre, Dar Es Salaam. On the morning of the 23rd of August, I rode the 7am ferry to Zanzibar. Upon arrival to Zanzibar, I was greeted by my other driver, Juma. Once I got settled into… Read More


The Eid celebration has begun. Millions of Muslims will make their way to Saudi Arabia to take part in Hajj and Umrah. Meanwhile, I will make my way to another predominantly Muslim country — Tanzania — where I intend to spend the two week period.  

Tanzania Facts

Long Name: United Republic of Tanzania Location: Eastern Africa Area (in sq km): 947300 Capital: Dar es Salaam (administrative) Dodoma (legislative) Agricultural Products: coffee, sisal, tea, cotton, pyrethrum (insecticide made from chrysanthemums), cashew nuts, tobacco, cloves, corn, wheat, cassava (tapioca), bananas, fruits, vegetables; cattle, sheep, goats Demonym: Tanzanian(s) Agricultural Labor Force %: 80 Religions: Muslim,… Read More