Switzerland Facts

Long Name: Swiss Confederation Location: Central Europe Area (in sq km): 41277 Capital: Bern Agricultural Products: grains, fruits, vegetables; meat, eggs Demonym: Swiss (singular & plural) Agricultural Labor Force %: 3.4 Religions: Roman Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, Orthodox, other Christian Industrial Labor Force %: 23.4 Service Labor Force %: 73.2 Languages: German, French, Italian, Serbo-Croatian, Albanian,… Read More


I walked past it without knowing its significance. Now that I know its the oldest museum in Switzerland and one of the most important in Europe, I wish I had gone inside. Though it looks nothing like its original self, the museum actually dates back to 1671. I snapped the photo below while I walked… Read More

My Swiss Experience

It was a rich experience. I say that because it’s expensive in Switzerland. I had a great time in Basel, and the scenery was gorgeous. The streets were clean and the architecture impressed me. The sun doesn’t set until ten at night, which I’m unaccustomed to having lived most of my life in California where… Read More

An International Perspective

Save the time when my family and I took a day trip to Tijuana, Mexico, I had never traveled outside America’s borders until 2007. In 1998, my father added to his VHS collection two documentaries — Banned From TV I and II. Since I had access to my father’s video library I took advantage of… Read More


Switzerland is wildly expensive. It is also a country where prostitution is legal, marijuana is smoked openly, and beer is sold at McDonald’s. The photos below were taken 1) while en route to France from Switzerland, and 2) while in Basel and Zürich.