Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal and there are approximately 1.8 million people there. If someone is going to Kathmandu, I highly recommend that they try Dalbat — Nepalese traditional cuisine. I also recommend that they try 100% sugar cane juice. Kathmandu doesn’t have a subway line, so the majority of the folks… Read More


Seoul  is the capital of South Korea and also the largest city in the country. It`s located in the north-west of the Republic of Korea on the Yellow Sea,  near the banks of the Han River and is surrounded by hills. There are about ten million people in this city. Seoul has many sights to… Read More


The city of Beijing is the capital of China. There are 26 million people in Beijing city. I like Beijing city because, it has many kinds of food and many famous places. The famous places include Tiananmen square and the 798 art district. Beijingers use the subway, bus, or bicycle. Those modes of transportation are very cheap. Peking duck… Read More

Seattle: The City of Flowers and Goodwill

There are about six hundred ninty thousand people in this city. The modes of transportation widely used are the SkyTrain and Bus. The area of this city is 369.2㎢. I like this city because they use their topographical features very well. As a student studying architecture, I was very impressed with that. When I went to Seattle, I… Read More


Two years ago I visited the city, Gdynia, that is situated in north Poland. There are around 247,799 people there. Transportation in Gdynia is provided mostly by buses, trains, cars, taxis and liners or ships, as Gdynia is a seaport city. Besides those modes of transportation people use bikes a lot as there are bicycle… Read More


Before I came to Korea, one of my biggest dreams was to go to the sea. And by chance one of my Korean friends asked me and my friends to go with him to Daecheon. It’s a picturesque city in South Korea and it is famous for it’s beautiful beach. The population is about eleven thousand people…. Read More


  Let me introduce Subic. It is located in the Philippines. There are about 89.72 thousand people in Subic. And the most delicious food is Pancit. Pancit is fried noodles with pork, shrimp and vegetables. The most widely used transportation is the Jeepney, which is a recycled World War II vehicle. I like this city… Read More


  There are 8 million people in London. London has a subway system. But, Londoners usually ride in taxis called “Black cabs”. London’s most popular food is fish and chips. Everyone said: “it’s very delicious!”. I like London because Londoners are very polite. Lastly, there are many sights to see in London. Written by Su Jeong… Read More


Today I will talk about Japan. Osaka is a city in Japan. There are about 2,680,000 people living there. Lots of people use bicycles and subways to move around. Takoyaki is the best food I ate there. Takoyaki is a delicious food that is sprinkled with hot pepper sauce. It is an octopus in dough. The food that did not taste the best… Read More


  Boracay Island in the Philippines is home to about 1,003,000 Filipinos. And the main modes of transportation are buses and ships. Also, there are lots of activities such as a banana boat riding and snorkeling for everyone to enjoy. On my visit to Boracay, I enjoyed eating seafood while drinking beer on white sand… Read More


There are about 650,000 people in Jeon-ju and the main mode of transportation is the intra-city bus. Jeonju’s cuisine is famous. The most popular dishes are Bean Sprout and Rice Soup and Bi-bim-bap. My opinion is that Jeon-ju is the city of good taste and class. I like this city because it feels familiar and… Read More

New York City

There are about 8,491,079 people in New York city. There is a lot of food. A lot of different people from different cultures live there. And you can experience an international city. I like this city because you can experience everything the world has to offer here. Written by Jaeho Yang Edited by Larry Wiggs 뉴욕에는… Read More