Lonely Planet

I wish I could go to Singapore again. When I was 13 years old, I traveled there with my family. But this time I want to travel alone by choosing the destinations myself. Written and Translated by Yu Na Jang Edited by Larry Wiggs Yu Na’s original text is below: I wish I could go to Singapore again. When I… Read More

Ji Yun’s Journal

Beautiful Awesome Festival  I went to SeoDong GookhwaKKod (Chrysanthemum) festival hosted in Iksan yesterday. Because I had to go after the class, there was darken when I arrived. But it was very pretty and beautiful better than I expected. There was so many pretty Chrysanthemum and so many colorful light. There were many people who… Read More


Rome, Da Mi, and Su Jeong produced a video highlighting the challenges artists face. Both Da Mi and Su Jeong, artists in their own right, are ready to face those challenges head on. From the looks of their artwork, these two have the kind of work ethic that will help them succeed in the face… Read More

Student Stories III

In the video below Ji Seon Kim describes the life lesson her father imparted to her. The video was produced by my students, Dong Kwan Kim and Woong Bee Oh. Ji Seon is interviewed by Jae Ho Yang. My students were kind enough to name the video: The Larry Show!

Student Stories I

I recently asked my students to share their personal stories. The following is 박정준 retelling his worst experience from his childhood.


Kamakura is a city situated in the southwest Tokyo. Its population is only 174,412 people but this city is considered to be a very popular tourist spot because of a big number of magnificent historical sites located there. Also, Kamakura has a beautiful seaside making it a popular place for summer vacation. Kamaura’s famous cuisine,… Read More


I want to tell you about Toronto. Toronto is the biggest city in Canada. There are 2,615,060 people in Toronto. The reason I love Toronto is because I can make a variety of friends from many countries. The best food I tried in Toronto was Poutine, because it has rich flavor. On the other hand,… Read More


I want to introduce Okinawa. There are 1,385,000 people in Okinawa. They have purple sweet potatoes there. People in Okinawa make bread and dessert using the purple sweet potato. There are no subways in Okinawa. I like Okinawa because the gorgeous blue ocean surrounds the island. Written by Jae Il Im Edited by Larry Wiggs II… Read More


I would like to describe Paris. Paris is the capital of France and has about 215 million people residing there. Paris’ traditional food is cheese. Parisians eat cheese like we, Koreans, eat Kimchi. In Paris, usually people take buses or the subway. ‘Trem’ is subway system. Paris is one of my favorite cities because there… Read More