Nipsey Hu$$le: The Theories

Why was Nipsey killed? 1. Eric Holder was jealous of Nipsey Hussle’s success. Some accounts stated that Nipsey brushed Holder off when he approached him to ask for help with his music. Still other accounts say that Nipsey brushed Holder off because Holder is a well known police informant and disgraced Crip gang member. After… Read More

Facing The North

I’m confused. Is The North Face a brand for Republicans? I typically see them wearing their jackets. Meanwhile, after I did some research online I was shocked to find that The North Face promotes a radically different idea than those posited by the Republican party. Impressions of Korea I arrived in Korea in March of… Read More

Little Known American Black & African Rebellions

European nations including Belgium, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, and Britain, were vying for power over Europe. Unsuccessful at comprising among themselves, these nations set out to divide Africa for their own avaricious ends. The result of their efforts to invade Africa was the period known as the Scramble for Africa (1881-1914). Even as early… Read More

What Would Koreans Do?

Throughout my time in Korea, which was nearly ten years, I observed Koreans doing things that my Western sensibilities misunderstood. Koreans would hike mountains at the summit of which they would toast their achievement with a bottle of Soju. At the time I thought this was a strange practice. Alcohol was the last thing one… Read More

Alcohol, Food & Beverage, & The Internet

South Korea Once I lived in South Korea where I enjoyed high speed internet, a plethora of Korean food options, and copious amounts of alcohol available almost anywhere. Even the national alcoholic beverage, Soju, was advertised at the theater. This was surprising as this would not fly in the United States. I miss the soups… Read More

International Ripoffs — The Philippines & Turkey

i To date, I have traveled to six Asian countries and the islands of Jeju and Taiwan. In this edition of International Ripoffs I will retell my experiences in China, The Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Turkey. It got real in all those countries. The Set Ups China — a helpful man approaches the mark and… Read More

WASP? (auf Deutsch)

Portugal ist schön. Es gibt Gebäude mit Wänden, von denen man erwarten würde, dass sie mit Farbe bedeckt sind. Kannst du dir das vorstellen? Denken Sie an die Fliesen, die Sie in Ihrem Badezimmer haben, und an Bilderfassaden, die mit ihnen bedeckt sind. Das ist Lissabon. Stellen Sie sich dann kleine quadratische Blöcke vor, die… Read More


THIS ARTICLE FIRST APPEARED IN CAPITAL NEWSPAPER — ETHIOPIA’S BUSINESS WEEKLY AFROCENTRICITY BY ADJEI GYAMFI An important feature of Pan – Africanism   This essay seeks to explain why the concept of Afro-centricity has been an important feature of the Pan-African tradition. Introduction Following the abolishment of the slave trade, Africans in the diaspora were… Read More


Deutsche Übersetzung Klicken Sie hier Portugal is beautiful. There are buildings with walls that you’d expect to see paint on that have been tiled over. Can you imagine that? Think of the tiles you have in your bathroom and picture building facades covered in them. That’s Lisbon. Then imagine small square blocks used to cover… Read More

Buddha Like Me

I had always believed that Buddha was a large fat bald smiling man whose stomach Chinese people rubbed for good luck. I would see statues of this man often in Chinese restaurants. It wasn’t until 2012 that I realized this man was not Buddha, but actually a famous monk — Hotei. Back in 2012 I… Read More