Qatari Facts

Long Name: State of Qatar Location: Middle East Area (in sq km): 11586 Capital: Doha Agricultural Products: fruits, vegetables; poultry, dairy products, beef; fish Demonym: Qatari(s) Religions: Muslim, Christian Languages: Arabic, English GDP Growth %: 6.6 Location: Middle East Resources: petroleum, natural gas, fish Population Growth Rate %: 4.19 Exports: liquefied natural gas, petroleum products,… Read More

By Far, 2017…

By far my most adventurous year to date has been 2017. I traveled to 17 new countries that year. Here’s a look back on the people I met and the places I visited. Sadly, I also lost my cousin that year.


One weekend in 2017 I visited Qatar. What I found surprised and wowed my senses. Here are some photos from that experience.