Kindness in A Foreign Land

I was alone in Tokyo. I ventured into a Jazz lounge where a curious young Japanese woman inquired about me. Machiko offered to help me find my way back to Narita airport which she assured me was a bit difficult for first timers to Japan. It wasn’t that difficult, after all, I had made my… Read More

Jeju Island

It’s a great island to visit. Jeju has been in the news recently as it’s the next country after Malaysia where Yemeni refugees are seeking asylum. They couldn’t have chosen a better place if you ask me. However, the truth of the matter is that the influx of refugees has caused the Korean population to… Read More

Today’s Revelations

The article below reflects the reality that I lived in Korea for nearly nine years. Four years ago, while living in Korea, I wrote… After reading the article above and after watching a History Channel documentary about Albert Einstein today, I came to the realization that having a job in Korea does not equate… Read More


These images were taken during my summer vacation in Taiwan in 2012. Cecilia was my guide.

Summer 2012

I must write this blog quickly. There are so many details that I’ll forget as time passes. Nevertheless I’ll make an effort to recall those most poignant aspects of my recent trip. The month of August in the year of 2012 has been full of adventures. On the first week of that month, I found… Read More