Faro, Portugal’s WASP Graffiti Artist

Ever since I posted a blog about the graffiti artist’s work ubiquitously scrawled over the walls of the Portuguese city, Faro, I have been getting daily visits to my site from presumably curious travelers who encountered the same graffiti, and wondered like me, what does it all mean? I still have no clue. Still, this… Read More

Nizwa Fort

The Nizwa Fort protected the Omani capital city. Today it showcases artifacts of the countries history as it is the most popular tourist site.  

El Pueblo de Ronda

I had been on the journey to Malaga for two hours when I pulled into the gas station to fuel up. I had my sights on seeing the waters off the southern coast of Spain when I looked at my cellphone to check the distance I had to cover before I would arrive. I only… Read More

International Afros

I take photographs of interesting people when I meet them. Even if I don’t meet them and I find them interesting I will still politely introduce myself and ask to take their photo. Sometimes I get rejected, but that doesn’t stop me from trying. Luckily, these two gentlemen who sported some nice fluffy afros that… Read More


Before the year ended, I stopped in Beijing China en route to Los Angeles, my hometown.