Facing The North

I’m confused. Is The North Face a brand for Republicans? I typically see them wearing their jackets. Meanwhile, after I did some research online I was shocked to find that The North Face promotes a radically different idea than those posited by the Republican party. Impressions of Korea I arrived in Korea in March of… Read More

What Would Koreans Do?

Throughout my time in Korea, which was nearly ten years, I observed Koreans doing things that my Western sensibilities misunderstood. Koreans would hike mountains at the summit of which they would toast their achievement with a bottle of Soju. At the time I thought this was a strange practice. Alcohol was the last thing one… Read More

Alcohol, Food & Beverage, & The Internet

South Korea Once I lived in South Korea where I enjoyed high speed internet, a plethora of Korean food options, and copious amounts of alcohol available almost anywhere. Even the national alcoholic beverage, Soju, was advertised at the theater. This was surprising as this would not fly in the United States. I miss the soups… Read More

Bahla Fort

Walking the grounds of Bahla Fort I imagined myself among throngs of Muslim rich and poor who lived within its walls. Each room I entered I imagined a merchant, server, or family communing. I also imagined the rooms filled with goods for sale, or housing supplies. The many twists and turns inspired my inner child… Read More

The “New” Ballad of Al Farid Ibn Battuta

Ibn Battuta was a 14th century traveler who was born in Tangiers, Morocco — a destination Al Farid visited last year. The significance of that visit was lost on him at that time. With his new awareness of the historical significance if that trip, he has come to identify with the legendary traveler, Ibn Battuta…. Read More

Alfredo Goes to Oman

Alfredo Sanchez traded in his Spanish ways for those of the Middle East. No longer does he need to greet others with “¿como estas?”. A-sallam-alai-kum is more appropriate. Alfredo’s been to these parts before over the past two years where he lived and worked in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With his new work contract,… Read More

By Far, 2017…

By far my most adventurous year to date has been 2017. I traveled to 17 new countries that year. Here’s a look back on the people I met and the places I visited. Sadly, I also lost my cousin that year.

Oh-Man! Oman Was Cool.

Yup! Oman was cool because the culture and people were unlike any I had encountered in the Middle East. Coming from the most conservative country in the region, Saudi Arabia, I was surprised to find a Muslim country that did not require its citizens follow strict rules of conduct. Long Name:Sultanate of Oman Location:Middle East… Read More