Good Kid, Mad City

The following are my thoughts on my cousin Calvin’s passing on February 18, 2017. I wrote this over a period of two weeks around the time of his death. My initial post entitled Cousin Calvin was written quickly and after reflecting more on my cousin’s life, I wrote  an in depth piece in hope that I would… Read More


Calvin Johnson

Seven years ago in front of my grandmother’s home I photographed this subject. He was at that time suffering from an unknown ailment — one that would wreak havoc on his life thereafter.  Although he looked healthy, and had his wits about him, a painful cloud followed him. Whether it was his illness or his… Read More

Balls The Size of Watermelons

Language is powerful. Let that be the first thing said. How powerful? A puff of air expelled from the mouth has the potential to change hearts, and minds. That same puff of air can send messages called words that convey meaning, ideas. So powerful are these puffs of air that when charged with emotive force… Read More