THIS ARTICLE FIRST APPEARED IN CAPITAL NEWSPAPER — ETHIOPIA’S BUSINESS WEEKLY AFROCENTRICITY BY ADJEI GYAMFI An important feature of Pan – Africanism   This essay seeks to explain why the concept of Afro-centricity has been an important feature of the Pan-African tradition. Introduction Following the abolishment of the slave trade, Africans in the diaspora were… Read More

Donde Dos Continentes Se Encuentran

Hace un mes, durante mis viajes por Europa, visité África. Estuve en Europa a la vez y una hora más tarde, estaba en África. Monté en el barco desde Tarifa a Tánger. Ayer, vi un video de YouTube y tomé esta foto. Pude ver y reconocer dónde había estado desde el espacio. vi un video… Read More

Tarifa to Tangiers

Seeing Africa for the first time from Spain’s southern most city, Tarifa, was one of the little treats I enjoyed today. I also mourned the loss of Anthony Bourdain, in my own way, and celebrated his life by continuing to explore parts unknown in much the same way I imagine he would. I rode a… Read More