Turn A New Leaf

It is time to start a new group. This time we will meet in iksan so this venture will be called the Iksan English Club. Marley Coffee is a fine establishment for our meetings. The manager is cool too. Join us every Friday at 7:30pm. Games and conversation. 원대 영어 회화 강사라내요. 영어 동냥 좀 해야… Read More

Marley Coffee, Iksan

Oh yeah! There’s a Marley Coffee in Iksan! Marley Coffee touts its ethically grown coffee while providing excellent settings to enjoy it. I love the cool atmosphere here.

A Day in Songtan

From Iksan it took me 3 hours by train to get to Songtan. To make the journey worth it I spent the night at a local massage parlor. The massage and accommodation were basically the same for accommodation alone in a local motel. Winning. I then awoke on Saturday afternoon where I eagerly anticipated having… Read More

How Do You Hold Your Chopsticks?

My blog moniker is ‘That Brotha in Asia’ and I often post information about my experiences in Asia. Well, the other night my good buddy who I have known since elementary school complimented me on my chopstick skills. I appreciate his compliment and I would like to direct your attention to something we probably don’t… Read More


Last Saturday I went hiking. It was an awesome experience. There is always a photographer on the hike. I received these photos from my fellow club member, James. It’s great taking my own pictures, but letting a professional do the work sometimes results in far better products like in this case. Here are the photos… Read More


I read a wordpress post last night that piqued my interest in an island that I can get to within an hour and a half of travel. I decided to go there today, however since I did not check the weather report which I rarely do otherwise I had no idea what to expect. There… Read More

2015 in Pictures

These are some of the most attractive images I captured in 2015.

No Trains

When I arrived in Korea, it was subtly suggested by my then Hakwon director, well meaning though it may have been, that the bus would suit me best. I wondered what he meant. I took offense to it because I believed that I should not be dissuaded from making any decision. Self determination is the… Read More

Riding in Buses with Koreans II

This post has little to do with the experience of riding in buses with Koreans. Actually, the title is only my attempt to piggyback on the trend I set using the reference to Drew Barrymore’s 2001 movie in a couple of my posts about monks and girls. The only connection is that Today’s adventure entailed… Read More

Riding in Cars with Girls I

My trip to Jeju island is coming to an end I have some time to reflect on my time well spent here. Most of that was spent riding in cars with Yunhee. She is my home-girl, and would be girlfriend if I had my druthers. But, I digress. She introduced me to several of her… Read More


Visiting Jeju Island was not unlike other times. I spent my time with Yunhee and she took me to a local forest.

Unexpected Expectations

“We’re beings toward death, we’re … two-legged, linguistically-conscious creatures born between urine and feces whose body will one day be the culinary delight of terrestrial worms.”  -Dr. Cornel West I just read that someone lost a friend who had died unexpectedly which prompted me to write the following post. Dying is inevitable. I expect it… Read More