Weekend Getaway

Goodie is the sole proprietor of Goodie’s R&B Soul Bar in Fukuoka city. On any given day you can find him serving drinks and entertaining his guests while the smooth grooves of the likes of Marvin Gaye, Barry White, or the Temptations fill the room. The front door is located underground and is accessible via… Read More

沖縄県 Part II

While sitting at the bar at Chocolate Milk in Okinawa two gentlemen walked in. They were decked out in tailored suits that put my casual pants and t-shirt to shame. After greeting Hiro, the proprietor, they peered down the bar at me. I was sitting alone. These men must have noticed my dark as a sign that I was… Read More


Dear Brothas & Sistas, Welcome back to That Brotha in Asia’s blog. For those of you who have recently found this I bid you a gHood day and hope you enjoy your stay. Warm regards, That Brotha in Asia PS Curious if I misspelled good? Check out MFBTY. I’m writing you from the confines of… Read More

Lovely Day

My 36th birthday passed on the ninth day of the tenth month. The frequency with which I encountered the numbers ten and nine seemed to be heightened ahead of this day. I saw it in my ferry ticket, train seat assignments, glances at a clock, etc. Looking back, I am in a space where I… Read More

Soul, Afros, and B-Style — A Peripatetic Chronicler Discovers Fukuoka Again

In September I purchased a ticket on the Kobee ferry to Fukuoka, Japan. It cost me about $70 round trip. These tickets aren’t readily available however. If you visit the site you will find that many of the cheap ticket options are unavailable. I was in luck because my trip matched the date on which… Read More

Candy Showtime

July, 2015 There are these pieces of candy made in Japan that are decorated with words or pictures. These words or pictures are similar to inscriptions. They are not engraved on the candy, but rather as the candy is made the words or pictures are visible and readable from both ends. The point here is… Read More


Haneda to Shibuya — Cool describes my impression of Haneda Airport upon my first visit. Their helpful staff offered and provided excellent service. Smiling and giggling, they helped me get my train ticket and find the lockers. I did not need the extra maps and tourist information pamphlets though. My flight arrived around 2pm and my connecting flight… Read More

2015 in Pictures

These are some of the most attractive images I captured in 2015.

Japan Revisited

What a year it’s already been for me! I spent one month in the Philippines during the winter. Luzon and Palawan were great experiences. These days I enjoy snorkeling because of my Philippines trip. Before my visa expired I went to Beijing, China. Expansive best describes Beijing. There were a lot of holidays during the… Read More

Fukuoka: Stamp #4

When I picked up my new passport at the federal building in Westwood, I reveled in what the words ascribed across the accompanying pamphlet meant to me. It read something to the effect ‘a passport is a ticket to the world’. Those words are poignant and I have taken them to be my guiding philosophy… Read More

Yuri Kochiyama

Within the first couple of weeks after returning to Los Angeles I visited the Japanese American Heritage Museum. During my visit I learned about a woman, Yuri Kochiyama, whose visage was captured in a famous LIFE magazine picture of the assassination of Malcolm X. In fact, Yuri Kochiyama was holding Malcolm X’s head after he… Read More

New Year in Japan, 2014

I made my way to Japan on Monday. I have one week before winter classes begin therefore it is incumbent upon me to enjoy this time before I have to work again. Fukuoka was my destination so I am making the most of this jaunt. I have been to Fukuoka twice before and each time… Read More