Japan Facts

Long Name: Japan Location: Eastern Asia Area (in sq km): 377915 Capital: Tokyo Agricultural Products: rice, sugar beets, vegetables, fruit; pork, poultry, dairy products, eggs; fish Demonym: Japanese (singular & plural) Agricultural Labor Force %: 3.9 Religions: Shinto, Buddhist, Christian Industrial Labor Force %: 26.2 Service Labor Force %: 69.8 Languages: Japanese GDP Growth %:… Read More

Eat Local

The traditional food of a country or region tastes best when it is eaten in that country or region. This is due to the fact that the food preparers are more experienced at preparing said food, and the ingredients used to make that food are readily available, i.e., the food tastes fresh. For these reasons,… Read More

Kindness in A Foreign Land

I was alone in Tokyo. I ventured into a Jazz lounge where a curious young Japanese woman inquired about me. Machiko offered to help me find my way back to Narita airport which she assured me was a bit difficult for first timers to Japan. It wasn’t that difficult, after all, I had made my… Read More

By Far, 2017…

By far my most adventurous year to date has been 2017. I traveled to 17 new countries that year. Here’s a look back on the people I met and the places I visited. Sadly, I also lost my cousin that year.

109 Chronicles

2007 — I took a leap of faith and traveled to South Korea that year. My first friend in Korea and neighbor was also born in 1979 on 10-09. 2013 — Hanguel (Korean Language) Day became a national holiday that year. Thereafter I found it easier to schedule parties or trips on my birthday so… Read More

Just Dates?

1979: I was born on the same day, October 9, that historians agree Hanguel, the Korean language, was proclaimed in 1446, which was also the day on which Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara de la Serna was assassinated by Bolivian agents working under the order of the US CIA, in 1967. 1985: I took my first Tae… Read More

2017 … So Far

I had been working in Dammam, Saudi Arabia since August 2016. I hadn’t been to the capital city, Riyadh, yet. However, things soon changed for me. Dammam is only a thirty minute car ride from Bahrain. On weekends I made my way to Bahrain’s capital city, Manama.   In late January I took a trip… Read More

That Dude

I had a layover in Tokyo, Japan. I was excited to be there of course. After all, it’s Japan — home of Sega, Sony, Mt. Fuji, Nagasaki and Hiroshima, and Ramen noodles. Even though my impression of the Japanese as reserved and conservative was pretty well warranted, I found after close inspection that their culture,… Read More

Yams? No. Sweet Potatoes, Bitch!

If you find this blog title offensive that is because it was meant to be. Just as Dave Chappelle used an audio byte of Donnell Rawlins screaming “I’m rich, bitch” I want to make a proclamation about a different subject — one that has perplexed me for some years now. If you are like me then… Read More

Telling Them Apart

While in Fukoka and walking around the city with Fuko, she confided in me that many Koreans looked noticeably alike. She could identify a Korean male mostly by his hair style.  This got me thinking about the observable fashion trends and even noticeable genetic traits that Asians share because I too think I can tell most Asians apart. The following… Read More


It was a very somber experience — visiting the memorial in Hiroshima. We made our way there via the Shinkansen, bullet train. We also spent our time at Miyajima, which conversely is a lovely destination. Finally, we ended upback in Fukuoka at Goodie’s, but not before having some delicious sushi at a local eatery. Photos… Read More