Project: International Afros

I take photographs of interesting people when I meet them. Even if I don’t meet them and I find them interesting I will still politely introduce myself and ask to take their photo. Sometimes I get rejected, but that doesn’t stop me from trying. Luckily, these two gentlemen who sported some nice fluffy afros that…

Opportunity Cost

I read the following in a Cambridge International textbook. Opportunity cost is a very important concept in economics that refers to the cost measured in terms of the next best choice given up when making a decision. Every choice made has an opportunity cost because in most cases there is an alternative. Some examples of…

2Pac Revisited

Around the time Mario Van Peebles’ theatrical release, Panther, was in theaters I was a high school student and very much intrigued with the lives of the men and women who made up the Black Panther Party for Self Defense (aka Black Panthers). At that time I was wrestling with the ideals of freedom, democracy, revolution, and activism and…

Uber Code: 3FMEJ

I started working for Uber on Tuesday and today I am sharing my code so you too can enjoy profits from driving for Uber. If you have thought about becoming a driver with Uber then use my code. You can earn $250 just for signing up and completing your first 50 trips. It’s great money…

Edward C. Lawson

Watch this! May he rest in power. Lawson on Oprah Lawson on Newark Police

Women on Love

Eartha Kitt on Love Maya Angelou on Love Nina Simone on Love Ruby Dee on Love Billie Holiday on Love Oprah Winfrey on Love Whoopi Goldberg on Love Lula Washington on Love Phylicia Rashad on Love


“As every flower fades…”

My Many Faces

I think this is pretty cool. ..a bit narcissistic? …a bit indulgent? Well, nobody’s perfect. This is my blog and my memories so … suck it.