On Monday I visited some of the churches at Lalibela that were commissioned by Ethiopian King Lalibela after he traveled to Israel sometime around the 12th century. He sought to spread Christianity and protect the Ark of the Covenant by building a magnificent church to house the most significant religious artifact. The church was hewn… Read More

Lads of Lalibela

Today is a Monday and I am in the historic city of Lalibela. After my tour ended I returned to my hotel to get refreshed. A short time later I set out to see the city on my own. Immediately after I exited my hotel I was accosted by four boys who wanted to walk… Read More


My journey through northern Ethiopia took me to the same places Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr. traveled to nearly twenty years ago to produce this documentary. Addis Ababa The present day capital of Ethiopia is home to the resting place of the last emperor Haile Selassie, and where the bones of one of the oldest… Read More

Buddha Like Me

I had always believed that Buddha was a large fat bald smiling man whose stomach Chinese people rubbed for good luck. I would see statues of this man often in Chinese restaurants. It wasn’t until 2012 that I realized this man was not Buddha, but actually a famous monk — Hotei. Back in 2012 I… Read More