Old Havana

Old Havana is better maintained than the rest of Havana. I was confused as to why it was called ‘old’ Havana because much of the rest of Havana is in dire need of attention and looks much older. ¬†I found the dark skinned women who smoke large cigars, who are emblematic of Cuba. I found… Read More

Support for The Cuban People

During my stay in Cuba, I slept in a room at a home in Havana that was clean and well equipped with A/C and a fan. There was also a refrigerator stocked with six bottles of water which due to the heat I drank swiftly over my first couple of days. Breakfast was provided for… Read More

From Mexico City to Havana

Before I hopped on a plane destined for Cuba I did a lot of research about traveling there. I watched many YouTube videos by Americans who had visited the country post-Obama. President Obama made it possible for Americans to travel to Cuba without our government’s written approval.¬†Unfortunately, the target audience of many of those videos… Read More