Book Review: Abyssinian Nomad by Maskarm Haile

As I wrote this review from the comfort of the Mar y Bosque restaurant at Drake Bay, Costa Rica, I could see and hear wildlife all around me. There was a beautiful black bird with bright orange feathers perched on a tree branch. I could also see the impression of a long tail. It moved…. Read More


La Jungla

It was three years ago that I ventured into the jungles of the Philippines to be nosey and stay one night with the Batek people. Perhaps that experience has led me to this latest adventure. When I left my job in Saudi Arabia earlier this month, I knew that in order to maintain my tax… Read More

The Ballad of Alfredo Sanchez

It was once ‘a la mode’ for aspiring actors in Hollywood to create a new identity by combining one’s middle name with the street name on which they lived. In the same vein as would be actors of yesteryears I will employ a new moniker when I embark on my next journey to Central and… Read More