Chinese Dumplings

After visiting the Great Wall, we ate like kings. I was with my new Chinese acquaintance and an American, Tom. Together we ate shrimp, fish, lamb, and Chinese dumplings. The dumplings were by far my favorite because they were fresh. The texture of the bread was unlike any I had had prior. For that reason…


Before the year ended, I stopped in Beijing China en route to Los Angeles, my hometown.

2015 in Pictures

These are some of the most attractive images I captured in 2015.

Beijing (Part II)

“In the journeys of our lives, we spend a lot of time going from one place to the next. It is often described as ‘point A’ to ‘point B’. So often, the ‘to’ is devalued, or forgotten. How much of our ‘to’ do we remember, or cherish?” – Marvin Lee, French Train series, a part…

Beijing (Part I)

“Beauty is everywhere. Mostly it is within you.”    – I did Backstory I was in Los Angeles a year ago when I applied for my visa for China. It cost about one hundred dollars and expires one year from the date of issue. With it American citizens can enter China for 90 days at a time….