The Eid celebration has begun. Millions of Muslims will make their way to Saudi Arabia to take part in Hajj and Umrah. Meanwhile, I will make my way to another predominantly Muslim country — Tanzania — where I intend to spend the two week period.  

Tanzania Facts

Long Name: United Republic of Tanzania Location: Eastern Africa Area (in sq km): 947300 Capital: Dar es Salaam (administrative) Dodoma (legislative) Agricultural Products: coffee, sisal, tea, cotton, pyrethrum (insecticide made from chrysanthemums), cashew nuts, tobacco, cloves, corn, wheat, cassava (tapioca), bananas, fruits, vegetables; cattle, sheep, goats Demonym: Tanzanian(s) Agricultural Labor Force %: 80 Religions: Muslim,…

Eat Local

The traditional food of a country or region tastes best when it is eaten in that country or region. This is due to the fact that the food preparers are more experienced at preparing said food, and the ingredients used to make that food are readily available, i.e., the food tastes fresh. For these reasons,…


2주 후에 휴가가 한번 더 있을 겁니다. 어디로 갈까요? 저는 지금까지 거의 30개국을 방문했습니다. 이번에는 해수욕이나 산에 갈까요? 또는 대도시나 작은 도시로 갈까요? 아마 그냥 방콕 할지도 모르겠습니다. 도무지 어디로 가야 할지모르겠습니다. 어느 곳을 가든 저는 좋아 할 겁니다. 화팅! 2014년 7월에는 경복궁에서 이 이야기 사진을 찍었다. Edited by Victoria Bae


I walked past it without knowing its significance. Now that I know its the oldest museum in Switzerland and one of the most important in Europe, I wish I had gone inside. Though it looks nothing like its original self, the museum actually dates back to 1671. I snapped the photo below while I walked…

Donde Dos Continentes Se Encuentran

Hace un mes, durante mis viajes por Europa, visité África. Estuve en Europa a la vez y una hora más tarde, estaba en África. Monté en el barco desde Tarifa a Tánger. Ayer, vi un video de YouTube y tomé esta foto. Pude ver y reconocer dónde había estado desde el espacio. vi un video…

Lisboa Eats

In Portugal, there were plenty of sweets to try. The national favorite is Nata. It’s made of a custard in a pie crust. It’s delicious and light. I had mine with an espresso which in Portugal is called a ‘cafe solo’. My cafe solo was served with cinnimon and it paired nicely with my nata….


Although I rode in a taxi from Lagoa to Marinha beach, there was no taxi waiting for me after I lounged for a couple of hours under the sun. I had no option but to walk back. That was okay, however.

My Swiss Experience

It was a rich experience. I say that because it’s expensive in Switzerland. I had a great time in Basel, and the scenery was gorgeous. The streets were clean and the architecture impressed me. The sun doesn’t set until ten at night, which I’m unaccustomed to having lived most of my life in California where…