Chinese Dumplings

After visiting the Great Wall, we ate like kings. I was with my new Chinese acquaintance and an American, Tom. Together we ate shrimp, fish, lamb, and Chinese dumplings. The dumplings were by far my favorite because they were fresh. The texture of the bread was unlike any I had had prior. For that reason… Read More


I didn’t take any pictures while in Panama, but I did take video of my arrival the first time.


With only a three hour layover in Vancouver, there was not enough time to leave the airport. Long Name: Canada Location: Northern North America Area (in sq km): 9984670 Capital: Ottawa Agricultural Products: wheat, barley, oilseed, tobacco, fruits, vegetables; dairy products; fish; forest products Demonym: Canadian(s) Agricultural Labor Force %: 2 Religions: Roman Catholic, Protestant… Read More

Ever Closer

My colleague, Mark, visited Peru some time around 2013. When he returned from his trip, he brought back souvenirs, one of which was a t-shirt from Cusco. I thought it very cool that he was generous enough to give me that t-shirt. Also, I didn’t know it, but his gift sparked in me the desire… Read More

The Doctor

After a month long visit to the Philippines, I flew back to South Korea, but not before a 16 hour layover in Guam. I chose a flight through Guam as it was my wish to include a visit to another country (territory) in my winter vacation of 2015. I recall seeing familiar American brands such… Read More

That Dude

I had a layover in Tokyo, Japan. I was excited to be there of course. After all, it’s Japan — home of Sega, Sony, Mt. Fuji, Nagasaki and Hiroshima, and Ramen noodles. Even though my impression of the Japanese as reserved and conservative was pretty well warranted, I found after close inspection that their culture,… Read More

Jeju Again

This place never gets old. It’s beauty and nature invite visitors to explore her waters, forests, and long dormant volcanoes. The food here is also delicious.


Before the year ended, I stopped in Beijing China en route to Los Angeles, my hometown.


It was a very somber experience — visiting the memorial in Hiroshima. We made our way there via the Shinkansen, bullet train. We also spent our time at Miyajima, which conversely is a lovely destination. Finally, we ended upback in Fukuoka at Goodie’s, but not before having some delicious sushi at a local eatery. Photos… Read More


I recall watching Korea’s popular comedy show, Gag Concert, from the comfort of my cozy one room 아파트 (pronounced a-part-uh) many years ago. Prior to living in Korea, I had been warned that Koreans were passionate, i.e., slightly crazy. I had heard stories of angry girlfriends doing unthinkable things. I had personally witnessed a man… Read More