What’s Larry Been Up To? Part 2

Visit my Shopify page to purchase a digital ebook entitled What’s Larry Been Up To? The original version of this book was created in 2017, but it has been updated. Check it out now! Click here. Also, watch this video to see what Larry’s been up to! The video is below, too!

From Inception to Fruition

My forty-first birthday is quickly approaching. What usually happens during this time is that I have a heightened sense of the presence of the numbers one, zero, and nine (109, in that order). Like the Punch-buggy game we played as children when we saw a Volkswagon Beetle, I amuse myself when I see these numbers….

109 Cigars

I went to La Casa del Habano where I found the Conde 109 Cuban cigars which are rolled specifically in Cancun. What a serendipitous moment it was! The number 109 is only the name of the cigar. Outside the name of the cigars, the number has no significance I was told. Yet that’s bullshit because…

A Short Story: Part One

Mundane. Routine. That morning was just like any other for him. It was about 6am when he awoke from his slumber only to instinctively reach for the cellphone that lay half a foot away from his head. He expected to sleep for another fifteen minutes before getting up, getting dressed, and driving to work. What…

Dave Chappelle Dream

I went to sleep the other day and had another dream. I was in a living room talking to six people. I began to go into detail about my experiences in Korea. The group of people I was talking to began to grow. The initial group of six had moved from sitting on the couches…