Before Beijing Bound

It was two months ago that I decided to take this trip and bought my ticket.

In June of last year I procured my travel visa for China, but with just one month before it expires I am putting it to use. It’s a shame. Really. Yet I am doing it and that is all that truly matters.

Even now I can say 2015 has been a year of firsts for me — my first trip to the Philippines; my first trip to Beijing. My three hour layover at the airport in 2011 does not count. However, on that occasion I saw Beijing from the sky at night. That was pretty spectacular what with all the red signs visible from the sky. The Chinese people truly embrace the color red.

I am presently at the Coffine Gurunaru cafe near Hongik University in Seoul where AJ and I last spent several hours recharging our minds and cellphones during his first Seoul trip in April.

It almost 5 am. I am waiting for the subways to begin to run. By 8:10am I will board  a China Southern Airlines flight to Beijing. The plan is to enjoy my day off and Friday which is this week’s holiday for our university. In all, I have a four day weekend to enjoy in of all places, China.
Just across from me I can see the motel I was invited to stay at one night several years back. My host, a curious teacher from Cheonan, and I, shared a fondness and admiration for the hip hop group Drunken Tiger. What a night that was. Photos of Beijing to follow after I return. That is, unless I can access this website and post from China. In which case, I will upload photos sooner.

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