Back in Los Angeles

Tonight started with an impromptu Korean lesson at Haus Coffeehouse. It was great imparting knowledge gained from experiences in Korea to my eager to learn new friend, Zakiya. After meeting, we rendezvoused at the BCD Tofu House on Wilshire. I asked for the spiciest bowl of Soon Tofu (Sun-dubu-jjikae) which wasn’t as spicy as the bowl was hot. I scoff at their warnings! It was quite delicious, however. Thereafter we went to Chapman Plaza. This place was delightfully surprising as I had never been there after hours. Sure, as a kid, I rode past that plaza nearly everyday without much of an idea what went on after hours. Perhaps at that time it was also very different sans all the after hour pubs and karaoke bars (norae-bangs). We drank our beverages and ate some delectable watermelon treat while sharing observations from our travels. The night was fun and eye-opening. I look forward to more evenings out in Koreatown.

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