The Netherlands

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JESUS IN THE QUR’AN (Part One by Ahmad Maceo Eldridge Cleaver)

I regret that I am finally posting his words only after learning of his passing today.  In January 2018, I contacted my former colleagues in an attempt to publish their work at my site to help them gain exposure and drive traffic to my website. I was blessed to have worked alongside accomplished people who… Read More

WASP? (auf Deutsch)

Portugal ist schön. Es gibt Gebäude mit Wänden, von denen man erwarten würde, dass sie mit Farbe bedeckt sind. Kannst du dir das vorstellen? Denken Sie an die Fliesen, die Sie in Ihrem Badezimmer haben, und an Bilderfassaden, die mit ihnen bedeckt sind. Das ist Lissabon. Stellen Sie sich dann kleine quadratische Blöcke vor, die… Read More


AFTER RECEIVING EXPRESS PERMISSION FROM THE AUTHOR I PUBLISHED THIS ARTICLE BY ADJEI GYAMFI AFROCENTRICITY An important feature of Pan – Africanism This essay seeks to explain why the concept of Afro-centricity has been an important feature of the Pan-African tradition. This post’s featured image is provided by Brandon Jones (Instagram: letsgobjones)   Introduction Following the… Read More

Now And Later? — When Should I Renew My Passport?

The time is quickly approaching for me to renew my passport again. I have had this, my second passport, since 2014, and at that time, I had no idea that after just four years I would need a new one. Also, at that time, I read somewhere that it is better to get a business… Read More

Dinner with Maasai Warriors

I flew Ethiopian Air to Tanzania. Chaz, my driver, met me at the airport and drove me to city centre, Dar Es Salaam. On the morning of the 23rd of August, I rode the 7am ferry to Zanzibar. Upon arrival to Zanzibar, I was greeted by my other driver, Juma. Once I got settled into… Read More


The Eid celebration has begun. Millions of Muslims will make their way to Saudi Arabia to take part in Hajj and Umrah. Meanwhile, I will make my way to another predominantly Muslim country — Tanzania — where I intend to spend the two week period.  

Tanzania Facts

Long Name: United Republic of Tanzania Location: Eastern Africa Area (in sq km): 947300 Capital: Dar es Salaam (administrative) Dodoma (legislative) Agricultural Products: coffee, sisal, tea, cotton, pyrethrum (insecticide made from chrysanthemums), cashew nuts, tobacco, cloves, corn, wheat, cassava (tapioca), bananas, fruits, vegetables; cattle, sheep, goats Demonym: Tanzanian(s) Agricultural Labor Force %: 80 Religions: Muslim,… Read More

Mexico Facts

Long Name: United Mexican States Location: Middle America Area (in sq km): 1964375 Capital: Mexico City Agricultural Products: corn, wheat, soybeans, rice, beans, cotton, coffee, fruit, tomatoes; beef, poultry, dairy products; wood products Demonym: Mexican(s) Agricultural Labor Force %: 4.1 Religions: Roman Catholic, Protestant, Jehovah’s Witnesses Industrial Labor Force %: 34.2 Service Labor Force %:… Read More

Turkey Facts

Long Name: Republic of Turkey Location: Southeastern Europe and Southwestern Asia Area (in sq km): 783562 Capital: Ankara Agricultural Products: tobacco, cotton, grain, olives, sugar beets, hazelnuts, pulses, citrus; livestock Demonym: Turk(s) Agricultural Labor Force %: 25.5 Religions: Muslim (mostly Sunni) Industrial Labor Force %: 26.2 Service Labor Force %: 48.4 Languages: Turkish, Kurdish, other… Read More

Japan Facts

Long Name: Japan Location: Eastern Asia Area (in sq km): 377915 Capital: Tokyo Agricultural Products: rice, sugar beets, vegetables, fruit; pork, poultry, dairy products, eggs; fish Demonym: Japanese (singular & plural) Agricultural Labor Force %: 3.9 Religions: Shinto, Buddhist, Christian Industrial Labor Force %: 26.2 Service Labor Force %: 69.8 Languages: Japanese GDP Growth %:… Read More

Bahrain Facts

Long Name: Kingdom of Bahrain Location: Middle East, Persian Gulf Area (in sq km): 760 Capital: Manama Agricultural Products: fruit, vegetables; poultry, dairy products; shrimp, fish Demonym: Bahraini(s) Agricultural Labor Force %: 1 Religions: Muslim (Shia and Sunni), Christian Industrial Labor Force %: 79 Service Labor Force %: 20 Languages: Arabic, English, Farsi, Urdu GDP… Read More