¿Pura Vida o Vida Pura?

Pure Life — It’s the phrase that sums up Costa Rica. In Spanish it’s vida pura, because the adjective ‘pura’ goes after the noun. However, in Costa Rica, the Ticos and Ticas say Pira Vida. I even saw a store’s sign that read Pura Vida, so I think it works both ways. Though I’m thoroughly… Read More


Nothing to See — 25 Years After Escobar

On the 13th day of January in the year of our lord, 2019, I met my friend, writer and YouTuber, Kenya, for lunch over which we caught up. The last time we met we were in Saudi Arabia. And before that, we were in South Korea. On this day we met in the Laureles area of… Read More

Alfredo Sanchez Lives!

Alfredo Sanchez was sitting at the lunch table with four strangers — one of whom had nearly killed him less than an hour earlier. With that behind him, Sanchez was eager to sink his teeth into his meal. In one breath he uttered something in English. Then, his curiosity piqued when the Asian woman who… Read More

Book Review: Abyssinian Nomad by Maskarm Haile

As I wrote this review from the comfort of the Mar y Bosque restaurant at Drake Bay, Costa Rica, I could see and hear wildlife all around me. There was a beautiful black bird with bright orange feathers perched on a tree branch. I could also see the impression of a long tail. It moved…. Read More

Running Out of Money

Running out if money is a worry for everybody. It is one that is at the forefront of the minds of travelers especially. Nothing can dampen your spirits and halt your adventures when you run out of money. One common lament among travelers is that they did not expect for Cuba to be as expensive… Read More

La Jungla

It was three years ago that I ventured into the jungles of the Philippines to be nosey and stay one night with the Batek people. Perhaps that experience has led me to this latest adventure. When I left my job in Saudi Arabia earlier this month, I knew that in order to maintain my tax… Read More

The Ballad of Alfredo Sanchez

It was once ‘a la mode’ for aspiring actors in Hollywood to create a new identity by combining one’s middle name with the street name on which they lived. In the same vein as would be actors of yesteryears I will employ a new moniker when I embark on my next journey to Central and… Read More

I, Too, Am An Abyssinian Nomad

I went to the local grocery store to pick up some items for breakfast. I bought a bottle of water and a couple of bananas. The price of the bananas hadn’t been posted so the clerk had to key in a code and run a price check. The banana code was 1009. I told the… Read More