God References

Here is an article about religious references in Kendrick Lamar’s music. “Guess it’s evidence of divine presence” -Victory Lap “The world would not know Jesus Christ, if there was never Judas/ This knife that’s in my back’ll be the truth that introduced us.” – Bigger Than Life “I ain’t worried ’bout it, cus I know… Read More


  109 I’m probably just famished searching for meaning, because I’m lost But, I’ll be damn if anybody tells me Nipsey wasn’t a Boss Not because he told others what to do, but instead he helped people, and mastered knowledge of self It’s evident in his philosophy about gaining wealth Jesus died at the age… Read More

Nipsey Hu$$le: The Theories

Why was Nipsey killed? 1. Eric Holder was jealous of Nipsey Hussle’s success. Some accounts stated that Nipsey brushed Holder off when he approached him to ask for help with his music. Still other accounts say that Nipsey brushed Holder off because Holder is a well known police informant and disgraced Crip gang member. After… Read More

God Will Rise

Click here Note: The title of this article is inspired by the GOD WILL RISE tattoo Nipsey Hussle had on the right side of his face. Preface: Historical records reveal that COINTELPRO seeks to prevent the rise of a Black Messiah who can unify and electrify the Black Militant Movement. Mr. Ermias Joseph Asghedom –… Read More

Faro, Portugal’s WASP Graffiti Artist

Ever since I posted a blog about the graffiti artist’s work ubiquitously scrawled over the walls of the Portuguese city, Faro, I have been getting daily visits to my site from presumably curious travelers who encountered the same graffiti, and wondered like me, what does it all mean? I still have no clue. Still, this… Read More

Cars in A Row

A group if cars in a row. Each car is following the other en route to a specific destination. Is it an envoy? Or is it a caravan?

Facing The North

I’m confused. Is The North Face a brand for Republicans? I typically see them wearing their jackets. Meanwhile, after I did some research online I was shocked to find that The North Face promotes a radically different idea than those posited by the Republican party. Impressions of Korea I arrived in Korea in March of… Read More

Little Known American Black & African Rebellions

European nations including Belgium, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, and Britain, were vying for power over Europe. Unsuccessful at comprising among themselves, these nations set out to divide Africa for their own avaricious ends. The result of their efforts to invade Africa was the period known as the Scramble for Africa (1881-1914). Even as early… Read More

What Would Koreans Do?

Throughout my time in Korea, which was nearly ten years, I observed Koreans doing things that my Western sensibilities misunderstood. Koreans would hike mountains at the summit of which they would toast their achievement with a bottle of Soju. At the time I thought this was a strange practice. Alcohol was the last thing one… Read More

Alcohol, Food & Beverage, & The Internet

South Korea Once I lived in South Korea where I enjoyed high speed internet, a plethora of Korean food options, and copious amounts of alcohol available almost anywhere. Even the national alcoholic beverage, Soju, was advertised at the theater. This was surprising as this would not fly in the United States. I miss the soups… Read More

Nizwa Fort

The Nizwa Fort protected the Omani capital city. Today it showcases artifacts of the countries history as it is the most popular tourist site.