Accra, Ghana 2022

Dream Destinations Tours led us through Accra, Kumasi, and Cape Coast. Our tour lasted one week, however, I stayed in Ghana for two weeks. I spent the first week filming the city, and enjoying the good Ghanaian air and sun. Here are some videos I took while there.

David A. Gross

REVOLT produced an interview in partnership with the guys from EYL — Earn Your Leisure. During that interview, David Gross stated that somebody should create a website that showcases Nipsey’s interviews. To that end, I jumped at the chance to compile several of Nipsey’s interviews at my site. The intention is to drive traffic to…

Words on Blackness

Shakespeare’s words succinctly express the conclusion I drew from my visit to the museum in D.C. In November 2020, I visited the National Museum of African American History and Culture in our nation’s capital, Washington D.C. There the sight of exhibits showcasing the accomplishments of many human beings who had one thing in common –…

What’s Larry Been Up To? Part 2

Visit my Shopify page to purchase a digital ebook entitled What’s Larry Been Up To? The original version of this book was created in 2017, but it has been updated. Check it out now! Click here. Also, watch this video to see what Larry’s been up to! The video is below, too!