April 2011

I began having meetings for the Gyeongsan English Club last year. The idea to start this group came from another English Club in Pohang, which I participated in for a year or two. The group has been growing steadily. I’m busier than I’ve been in a long time and can’t attend the meetings regularly as I’d like. Nevertheless, I am working harder these days while also earning more money to add to my savings.

I was in America from December to January 31st. During that time, I lost my half-brother — Kavin Gordon. He suffered from severe back pain and later underwent invasive surgery to correct the problem. Following the surgery, Kavin suffered complications including a massive heart attack and seizures both of which were brought on by a blood clot. The blood clot traveled from his heart to his brain and may have been brought on by a pre-existing heart condition — one that did not raise significant alarm prior to surgery.

These days I think about Kavin often. It amazes me that someone can exist one day and then basically disappear the next. I cherish having shared experiences with him although we didn’t spend a lot of time together. One night last month, I couldn’t sleep. It was strange because I normally fall asleep easily. When I awoke the next morning, I checked my Facebook account. My cousin, Carlos, had written a posthumous birthday message to Kavin. It was then that it dawned on me that that night had been my brother’s birthday. I believe that his spirit was contacting me.

It is now spring in Korea. The cherry blossoms have bloomed and have made the scenery on campus that much more pleasing to the eye. The weather is warmer and it’s great. I only went snowboarding once this past winter. It was a nice long three day trip though. I went snowboarding everyday. It’s time for midterms now. The students are preparing for next week’s exams.

My little red car is in the shop. The steering fluid leaked and I needed the clutch to be fixed. Apparently the work has been done and I am awaiting pick up.

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  1. Elizabeth Yurnet says:

    Sorry to hear about Kavin. I actually found your website because I was looking for him. We went to school together as kids in Hawthorne, Ca. I also found him again when we both happened to be stationed at the same place. Small world. The last time I saw him was on tv on some dating game show lol. It saddens me to find out he has passed away.

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