Anthony Bourdain Ate Here

It’s hot, humid, and full of foreigners. I guess that’s Dubai’s charm. It’s uncomfortable at times, but there are locales where you can find a respite from the heat. It’s expansive and with its vastness comes room to share. Hence, Dubai is sharing it’s opportunities with the world. On this day, I had the chance to visit Ravi – a restaurant where Anthony Bourdain once ate. My experience was entailed driving 24km to the area outside the touristy parts. I ate. I also had my car worked on by the local brown guys. I think they were Indian. They may have been Pakistani. All in all, so far it has been a great day. Here’s the video and a photo from the day’s adventure. By the way, I had the Daal and Mutton Curry (not shown). There was also Naan and Paratha bread.