I returned to America to visit my family before I commit to the next two years in Korea. Sure I made it clear that I would not be returning home for a number of years, but my dad had to have his say. Dad was like “Akeem, your presence is requested in Zamunda.” So I’m here now.

It’s a great break for me, but seeing everything in America just brings back memories of my past life. I am happy in Korea so visiting home isn’t bitter sweet, it’s just sweet. I will enjoy the opportunity to hug my family, eat and see some really awesome things. Although I no longer get my daily dose of Merica’s spell by watching TV, I still find out about the injusctices that plague this nation via Facebook.  It’s bitter sweet knowing that it’s possible to live well in America even in the face of tragedy. I think It’s better to be in America and fight that injusctice head on though. One day I will return for good. I hope at that time ‘Merica will be much healthier.

I’ll be older, but I may also be wiser, healthier, and wealthier.

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