Along The Way

Here is a list of the people I met while hiking to the summit of Machu Picchu. Sure, there were plenty more people, but these are thise that stand out.
1) There was a 12 y/o boy from Sao Paulo who hiked to montaña Machu Picchu with his mother. He complained about the problems in his hometown. He spoke little English, but seemed kind, and thoughtful. I was impressed with him.

The young Brazilian boy from Sao Paulo overlooks the landscape on 16-June-2017.

2) There was an Asian-Argentinian family of 3 whom I crossed paths while I was descending the trail. The son is was only 1 year old. Hmthese people intrigued me because they seemed to not be immigrants, but full Argentinian citizens who happened to also be of Asian heritage. Their Spanish was impeccable of course. My mind was blown.

3) There was a young Californian woman named Michelle who was excited to reach the summit. She mentioned that she was from the Bay Area.

4) There was a Mexican woman who continued to hike even after her friends turned back. She was fiercely determined to summit Machu Picchu. I liked her tenancity and perseverance.

5) Finally, there was a group of four from Michigan and Canada. I noticed the lone girl among the group because she was gorgeous and had a funny way if eating. She’d bite intonher apple and it looked like she was thinking about each bite carefully. I did not say anything to her about this. I just thought about it to myself.

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  1. Rocio says:

    Excelente viaje, algún día llegaré ahí, espero no volver a tener soroche.

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