Alone with My Thoughts

It was Wednesday, October 22nd at 9:40pm when I began to write this post. I was alone in the office, room 218, which is shared with other professors and instructors, at Yeungnam University’s Foreign Language Institute. At this hour there are few if any other people roaming the halls. It’s midterm week. I just finished testing a group of students. Some impressed me. Others left me with far more to be desired from them.  These days I have had my fill of TED Talks which I accessed via the internet with my new iPad mini. I spent countless hours marveling at the ingenious ideas and innovations people have developed. The talks ranged in length from five minutes to 18 minutes and covered topics from statistics, economics, the environment, and violence, all the way to financial aid and stand-up comedy. After this week it will be my responsibility to develop a presentation about teaching for my professional development project. In fact I will have the next five weeks or so to write a 3000 word paper on some topic. It’s do-able. If I manage to complete a 500 word paper on some topic each week, I will be there in six weeks. If I write more, I will be there sooner. The challenge ahead is settling on a topic. My field — Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages — should help me narrow my search for a topic, however, after being inspired by TED Talks, I want to do more than just regurgitate facts and studies. I want to carry on the TED Talk tradition and inspire my colleagues as well as display my professional development over the past four years at this institution.

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