Alfredo Goes to Oman

A view of the road taken by Al Farid on his way to the capital, Muscat.

Alfredo Sanchez traded in his Spanish ways for those of the Middle East. No longer does he need to greet others with “¿como estas?”. A-sallam-alai-kum is more appropriate. Alfredo’s been to these parts before over the past two years where he lived and worked in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With his new work contract, he must make Oman his new home. It is a beautiful country with scenic views of mountains, and the sea, not only deserts. With his change of address and employment, Alfredo has also had to make an adjustment to his moniker. In these parts, he will go by ‘Al Farid’. This by no means was a name of his choosing, but rather a clerical error which an administrator at his workplace made when entering his name. It will have to do. Mash-Allah! Even better, Alfred Sanchez is now Al Farid Ibn Battuta!