A Weekend Without Money

I spent the weekend indoors mostly. After the first official week of school I returned to my apartment on Friday where I found a mess — bedding that hadn’t been folded, clothes that needed to be  cleaned, dishes that needed washing, and trash that needed to be taken out. This wasn’t the environment I wanted to live in so I decided to make use of the time I had by getting busy. I quickly found myself in over my head. My apartment needed more cleaning than I initially estimated. Although the Gyeongsan English Club meeting would begin at 7:30pm, as that time neared I gave up any hope that I’d finish cleaning my apartment and make it to the meeting. Bummer, too. I attended last week and thought I’d make it to this week’s meeting. I informed Damith who would be leading the night’s meeting that I would not be in attendance. He replied: “TT-TT” which implies that he is sad to hear the news.

Nevertheless, I forged ahead with washing my clothes. I washed two loads. Each load took one hour to run through a cycle. We don’t have dryers in Korea and I had to hang dry my clothes. While I did the laundry I also found some time to turn the lights down low, burn some incense, play ambient sounds and do yoga meditation. I found the Sea Salt radio station which plays the sound of waves crashing 24 hours a day 7 days a week. At one point I heard the voice of a man say: “Sea Salt Radio. The sound of waves 24 hours a day 7 days a week.” I thought to myself: “He should have said: ‘the sound of waves crashing and sometimes my voice 24 hours a day …’  “.

A new episode of The Office was available for me to download from iTunes. I love The Office. Stanley Hudson is my hero! He’s not the only black male on the show, but he’s an important fixture in the tapestry. I feel that I can relate to him somewhat being that I find myself in an office full of people unlike myself (in appearance).

I stayed up late into the next day since I didn’t have an appointment but until 1:30pm.  On Saturday I woke up late in the morning. I had some about two hours to get to class. With so much time I did not rush although thoughts of going to the hotel early to study in their library did enter my conscious. I left my apartment only forty-five minutes before class began. It took my thirty minutes to get there. Perhaps I was stalling so that I didn’t give myself an opportunity to even consider entering the hotel’s casino before class.

I arrived to the Cervantes’ Institute at Hotel Inter-burgo, which is the same hotel that the future Olympians stayed at during the 2011 Daegu Championships. I met Decathlon athlete Trey Hardee, his coach Mario and Vin Lananna there last year during the Daegu Championships.

On Saturday I was there to attend my Spanish classes. The advanced class focused on the subject of the human body. We each shared a story about the subject. A doctor who is in my class made an attempt to lecture about female menstruation in Spanish. It went over very well. His information was quite valuable, perhaps, to the women in our class. I wonder if he is an OBGYN. I recalled the story about how I had watched an episode of a  Spanish show like Candid Camera in which a woman revealed her buttocks to unsuspecting people. It was a funny story, but, no pun intended, my classmates could only laugh nervously.

After the advanced class, I attended the intermediate class that is scheduled right after it. Noticeably absent was a woman I’d met the week prior who was from Northern California. I hope she will return. I wonder why she didn’t attend.

I quickly left the hotel after class without once giving thought to entering the casino. I felt proud of myself. Sometimes I can exit the casino feeling extra proud because I won some money. Often times I feel foolish after having lost my money. I skipped all those emotions and just drove home. On the way back to my apartment I stopped into E-mart to pick up some groceries. I had only about $40 so it was a very good idea not to stop into the casino. I picked up some Sushi, chips, chocolate and beans.

I was staying low-key this weekend because after returning from America, I had spent more money than I had to survive on over the three weeks before payday. I paid for yoga classes, Spanish classes, my bills — internet, and apartment maintenance, gas for my car, and insurance. After all that I was left with few dollars for food, entertainment, and the like. I bought food early after returning from America, but after the second week, I didn’t have that much money. I’m waiting for Thursday when I will be rich again.

The time I’ve spent indoors has been worthwhile. I’ve been able to read, watch TV, and exercise.

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