A Day in Songtan

From Iksan it took me 3 hours by train to get to Songtan. To make the journey worth it I spent the night at a local massage parlor. The massage and accommodation were basically the same for accommodation alone in a local motel. Winning. I then awoke on Saturday afternoon where I eagerly anticipated having lunch at the local Peruvian restaurant. I ordered a Pisco Sour and Ceviché. A meal of Pisco Sour and Ceviché was the last thing I ate before boarding my flight from Perú to America. Having this meal in Korea has sentimental value.

Then I wandered around the town. The only thing missing is a nice hot shower. When traveling even to a nearby city it is often the comforts of home that must be sacrificed for the sake of adventure.

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  1. bestzho93 says:

    that sounds great. one day i would like to eat peruvian food

  2. seosonga says:

    I like traveling. When I travel, l can eat different food and see special views. I want to go somewhere in Korea, and i’d like to go Song Tan.

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