Buddha Like Me

After my most recent trip to Ethiopia, I marveled at the similarities between Korean and Ethiopian culture.

Fig. 1, Statue at History Museum, Ethiopia
Fig. 2, Statue at History Museum, Ethiopia
Fig. 3, Statue at History Museum, Ethiopia

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I went to a temple today. Koreans built it around the sixth century. We drank tea, talked, and took some pictures. I saw a statue of Buddha — one that I hadn’t seen the likes of before. Seeing Buddha’s hair reminded me of what my Chinese classmates remarked when they saw me around 2000.


After traveling to Atlanta, Georgia to visit my sister I decided to change my hairstyle. I wanted to grow dreadlocks. In order to start the process my hair was twisted. I started the process and returned to California where I was attending college. When my Chinese classmates saw my hair they said: “like Buddha”.
I didn’t understand their comment until I closely examined statues of Buddha. Below you’ll find the only pictures from my trip to Unmunsa temple in Gyeongsan, South Korea, and the only photo I took after my hair was twisted.

Notice the similarities!

— September 2017 Update —

While at the Egyptian Museum, I saw this statute that on e again reminded me of what I saw in Korea and Ethiopia. Since it was from Egypt, I presume it is the oldest and first of its kind. Again, notice the similarities.

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