From Mexico City to Havana


For anybody who cares, this is a post about Cuba and what it takes to get there.

Personally, before I hopped on a plane destined for Cuba I did a lot of research about traveling there. Some of the research I did was not valuable because it was directed at travelers to Cuba whose flights originated in America. I traveled to Cuba via Mexico, which has been a long standing alternative to entering Cuba for Americans who wished to do so bypassing the requirement to be a licensed visitor. During Obama’s administration the rules changed such that a license is no longer required. This change allowed individuals like myself to enter the country easily. At the time of writing this post, the current president, Trump, is initiating an effort to rollback the latitude Obama granted to Americans. Trumps efforts have not taken full effect though the window of opportunity is closing for individual travelers from America to visit Cuba without a tour company. Even though entering Cuba from America was an option for me, I wanted to travel to Mexico City and Peru over my vacation. Therefore, it made some sense for me to choose to fly from Mexico rather than America. I spent four days in Mexico before I flew to Havana where I spent another four days. Thereafter I returned to Mexico and continued my journey to Peru. Here’s how I did it:

  1. I flew to Cuba from Mexico City.
  2. At the airport in Mexico, before my flight, I paid $16USD. There is a booth near the gate that handles the visas transaction.
  3. Before boarding the flight to Cuba, I was asked if I am a Cuban citizen. I was asked to fill out a form. That form asked me to provide my information and reason for travel, which I selected to be: support for Cuban people.
  4. Upon arrival in Cuba, I was asked a few questions about my journey by a Customs official.
  5. Thereafter, I was welcomed into the country.
  6. I delighted by how easy it was to enter the country — hassle free.
  7. The first impression I had of the country was provided by airport security who were young Cuban women, scantly clad in short skirts, caps, and fishnet stockings. They were authoritative and very sexy.

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