I took a tour of Teotihuacan on Thursday. Today’s visit to the Museo Nacional de Antropología was more impressive because I had been there. At the museum there is an exhibit dedicated to this site.  The museum’s exhibit affords visitors the chance to view the site from a bird’s eye view.

A replica of the Teotihuacan site
This example of the walls of Teotihuacan shows how decorated they were originally.

I was at the site for several hours and enjoyed the experience. Climbing to the top of the Sun Pyramid was challenging, but not impossible.

The sun pyramid under the sunlight
I stood atop the Sun Pyramid with the Moon pyramid visible in the background.

They say walking the Great Wall of China makes you a man. I did that in 2015. They also say that men become Gods when they visit Teotihuacan. In that case, it is time to celebrate!

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