Aquí Estamos: Black Peru

Siyah En Perú

When discussing the African diaspora and the descendants of those who survived the middle passage, most people think of countries like the United States, West Indies, Cuba, or Colombia but very rarely does Peru come to mind. We often think of Peru as the
land inhabited by the descendants of Andean peoples but what we neglect to recognize is that it is also home to those who claim enslaved Africans as their ancestors.

Here in Peru, they actually say “El quien no tiene de inga tiene de mandinga,” essentially meaning

IMG_7936 Entry way into the El Carmen District in Chincha

those who do not have indigenous blood, have African blood running through their veins. And although the amount of slaves brought to Peru can’t compare to places like neighboring Brazil (which has the second largest black population in the world) the descendants of those enslaved here have undoubtedly contributed…

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