What Were They Talking About?

Digable Planets have always held a special place in my music catalog. However, I’ve never wholeheartedly understood what they were talking about in their rhymes. They were hot in 1993. Since that time I’ve grown, been educated, and educated myself along the way. These days, I can appreciate their music for it’s adherence to Hip-Hop norms — DJ scratches and heavy drum beats. I can also appreciate it for being so different from other Hip-Hop acts. Aside from getting that they were heavily influenced by jazz, and pro-Black, I still don’t know what the heck they were referring to in their rhymes. Fast forward to 2012. The group has been disbanded for over twelve years. One of the members of the DPS released a solo effort that leaves me clueless. If it weren’t for the beats, I wouldn’t know what to do with this. Then again, skip to Now Dig This! — Amiri Baraka’s daughter’s contribution to the Pacific Standard Time exhibit at UCLA’s Hammer Museum. After witnessing the art of Blacks who stretched their minds in order to give us purely imaginative work, I kinda get it. Through the lens of what is simply honest expression, this music is a new interpretation of Black. I like it.

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