The first month of the year, 2012 is coming to an end. During this month, I spent time with my grandfather in Las Vegas, and my mother and father in Los Angeles. I visited the strip club once, and the spa three times. My car needed new tires, an oil change, and serious work done to the passenger-side door. All of which, I paid for through my credit card. As of this day, I have been given a raise by the university that employees me. I’ve reported the credit card that Anne has in Korea as ‘lost’.  She disagrees with my position, but I have to remain firm. I am sure that going forward without Anne will not be easy. However, I hope that I find the strength and wisdom to lead me forward. Last week I re-enrolled with Uncut Casting. They submitted me for a JC Penney commercial. We worked on Friday, January 20th. It was cold in the morning and cold at night. I distinctly remember the long-haired Spanish guy shivering. He didn’t talk either. He stared at the fake fish at our station. I was very lucky to have met Brandon – the kid who also studied martial arts and knew some of the same people I’d met. Talking to him made me feel comfortable, the time go by a little faster, the experience of enduring through long hours standing in the cold slightly more bearable.

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