Thank God! Today marks the beginning of another chapter in the life of That Brotha in Asia. My name is 래리, which is Hanguel for Larry. Hanguel (however it is spelled) is the Korean language. Anyways without getting too far into a lesson about Korean, I’d much rather get a few things off my chest. Today was a long and trying day for me. Mostly because I wasn’t comfortable sitting in my apartment behind my laptop computer aimlessly searching for things that interest me or things that pique my curiosity on the Internet. Instead I attended the first day of orientations for my new job. That’s right! It’s official. I am now an English instructor at a university that at at this point in time will remain nameless. On Monday, I left the comfort of my what will soon be old apartment to embark on a three hour journey to the new city I will call home, Daegu. Luckily, I was accompanied by my best/girlfriend Anne who also helped me pack my bags, and offered great suggestions on how to pick up and go while in Korea.  That morning, she and I loaded my car drove to Daegu. She hadn’t slept much the night before as she was doing much of my packing for me. She’s better at it than me and she’d probably would have yelled at me for throwing my belongings into one box in some disorganized manner. She’s a taskmaster to say the least.  It was better to let her do it and avoid the arguments. Again, as I said, I endured a long day of orientation. We began at 11am and ended around 5pm. New faces and a new environment meant one thing and that was “shut up, listen, and learn”. Basically, I learned all day. Most important, or perhaps least important is the fact that I’m the only brotha working at the university. Like President Obama mentions in his memoir, “Dreams of My Father”, this is a shameful fact. Who can expect brothas to travel so far and so wide in search of work and a good life? I guess it’s too much to ask. Yet I have been able to find a good life here in Korea. My experiences have certainly helped me develop. I wish only to continue upon this journey that is my life.

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