109 Chronicles



— I took a leap of faith and traveled to South Korea that year. My first friend in Korea and neighbor was also born in 1979 on 10-09.


— Hanguel (Korean Language) Day became a national holiday that year. Thereafter I found it easier to schedule parties or trips on my birthday so that I could enjoy my special day.


— I was walking on campus and came across this car’s license plate. Picture below.

— On one of my trips back home to Los Angeles I was accosted by a homeless woman who asked for the time. It was 9:37am.

— I was on board a train waiting to depart when I noticed that my seat number was 10C. I wondered why I had been assigned to this seat when the entire car was empty! I was early and the train car’s seats hadn’t filled up just yet. After all the passengers were on board there were still enough seats available for me or any other passenger to have been assigned different seats, but that was not the case. The picture is below.

— While in Fukuoka, Japan I stopped into Ichiran Ramen restaurant and ordered my soup. I was ushered to a seat at booth 10! The picture is below.


— While back in Los Angeles I ate a bowl of ramen at a Japanese restaurant and the total came to $10.90. The picture is below.



— I hiked to Montaña Machu Picchu and after snapping photos enjoying the views, I wondered how long I should stay there enjoying the scenery. I looked at my watch and it was 10:08am. I decided that I would head down after one minute. I began my descent at 10:09am.

— While in Cuba (of all places), I began reading Che Guevara’s memoirs The Motorcycle Diaries when after reading the introduction I was startled to learn that died 1967 on 10-09.

— After watching Schindler’s List on Netflix I Googled Oskar Schindler only to discover that he died in 1974 on 10-09.

— I have often awoken from my slumbers exactly at 10:09.

— After traveling to seventeen countries in 2017, I landed from my final trip that year and upon exiting the airport, I hailed the first taxi I saw which was actually the first taxi in line. That taxi’s license plate began with 109.


— I was assigned to classroom A20 where I stayed for the better part of one year. After which I was assigned to classroom 3, but soon after I was reassigned to classroom 9. Currently, I am assigned to teach book 10 in classroom 9.


— I walked into a business and took a number. The number I took from the machine was 245. However, two other people had picked two other numbers and left them behind. Instead of waiting for what may have been a long time I grabbed the ticket. The ticket’s number was 235. 2+3+5=10. The other ticket’s number was 234. 2+3+4=9.


I was en route to Los Angeles from Atlanta. I was on an American Airlines flight seated next to two women who for much of the flight did not talk to each other. It was about a four-hour flight and the only those women spoke to each other was when we were about one hour from our destination. One woman asked the other for the time. In response, the woman uttered: “10:09”! As I write this post, it is currently 10:09am in Nizwa, Oman.

December 19, 2019 — I drove around the city of Los Angeles and bus 108, which Nipsey often road passed by me. A few hours later was stopped at a traffic light next to bus 1096. I tried to ignore the bus since I have a predilection for fixating on these moments when I see 109, but it wasn’t meant to be. While waiting at the light, I received an Uber request from somebody who was nearby. However, the only way for me to pick up that person efficiently was for me to ask the driver of the bus to let me merge into his lane. Lucky for me, the driver was kind and obliged. Thereafter, as I was driving in a different part of the city, I noticed an unusual car pulling up behind me. As the car pulled along side I realized that the car was a hearse. I then made the assumption that this was the same hearse that Nipsey’s body was transported in during his funeral service. I later did a Google search to confirm it, and it was strikingly similar to the hearse — the license plate matched so I am sure, it was it.